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【双料】宝霖牌蜂皇浆白凤丸 Premium Poh Lin Brand Royal Jelly Pak Fong Pills
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Brand 宝霖牌 Poh Lin Brand
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  • 补血养血
  • 舒缓月事不顺
  • 治疗崩漏
  • 治疗产后缺乳
  • 治疗产后恶露不止
  • 治疗更年期综合症
  • Nourishing blood
  • Soothe the moon
  • Treatment of uterine bleeding
  • Treatment of postpartum milk deficiency
  • Treat lochia after childbirth
  • Treatment of the menopausal syndrome

产品介绍 Intro

宝霖牌珍珠白凤丸主要功效补血养血,舒缓月事不顺,治疗崩漏,产后缺乳,产后恶露不止,更年期综合症。并且适合用于经后调理,贫血, 月经失调, 荷尔蒙失调, 产后调理, 更年期症状。

The main functions of Pollen Royal Jelly Pai Fong Pill are nourishing blood, relieving menstrual irregularities, treating metrorrhagia, postpartum hypogalactia, postpartum lochia, and menopausal syndrome. And suitable for postmenstrual conditioning, anemia, menstrual disorders, hormonal imbalance, postpartum conditioning, menopausal symptoms.

适合人士 Suitable for


This product contains honey, which may cause a serious, fatal allergic reaction in susceptible individuals.

使用方式 How to use

保健:星期 1-3次,早晚各 1 包

经后调理:经后连续4天服用,早晚各 1 包

Health care: 1-3 times a week, 1 pack in the morning and evening

Post menstrual conditioning: take 4 consecutive days after menstruation, 1 pack in the morning and evening

小知识 Tips

  1. 忌烟, 酒及辛辣, 生冷, 油腻食物
  2. 服用期间需要保持身体喝足够水, 如体虚, 肠热, 湿热者, 可配搭顺康清热宝一起服用
  3. 孕妇忌服
  4. 若症状持续建议就医检查
  5. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, spicy, cold and greasy food.
  6. During the medication, you need to keep your body drinking enough water, such as body deficiency, intestinal heat, and dampness. You can take it with Sung Khong Qingrebao.
  7. Pregnant women should not take it.
  8. If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.

安全认证 Safety 

  1. 传统草药
  2. Traditional herbal medicine
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