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泡参片礼盒 America Ginseng
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Brand 顺康 Sung Khong
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  • 味苦微甘
  • 常饮可补气养阴
  • 清热降火
  • 健脾润肺
  • 消除疲劳

产品介绍 Intro



  • 增强抵抗力:野山参中的人参皂苷和人参多糖是免疫增强剂,亦是免疫调节剂,可加强机体对于有害因素的抵抗力,尤其对于失眠多梦、易感冒等免疫力低下症状有明显的改善效果
  • 提神抗疲劳:野山参中皂苷 Rg1 能够兴奋中枢神经,加强大脑皮层的兴奋程度,提高脑摄氧量,抗疲劳作用十分明显。会明显感觉到,自己的身体状态好很多,无力感减轻了。
  • 稳定血糖值:野山参在临床上常被用于预防与治疗糖尿病。野山参的有效成分人参皂甙能够加速糖原分解并抑制其合成,降低肝糖原含量。同时,它能够有效提高葡萄糖激酶的活性,进而推动葡萄糖的氧化分解,降低血糖。
  • 提高记忆力:野山参对脑部神经的发育、活动有良好的功效,可以增强记忆力。提高脑部代谢活动、增强效率;对于记忆力减退的老人有所帮助,可改善脑部机制、预防痴呆症等。
  • 气血更均衡:中医认为,人的体重与气血有着直接的关系,人之所以胖,很可能是因为气虚。气虚之后,人体内气的运动就没有了力量,气化功能就弱了下来。而野山参大补元气,对于气虚肥胖有很好的减肥降脂的作用。

Wild ginseng is warm in nature and sweet in taste. After taking it, it will have a good health care effect on the kidneys, heart, spleen and lungs, and play a role in invigorating qi, strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach, benefiting the lungs, improving intelligence, calming the heart and nourishing blood. and so on.

Ginseng tablets efficacy:

  • Enhance resistance: Ginsenosides and ginseng polysaccharides in wild ginseng are immune enhancers and immune regulators, which can strengthen the body's resistance to harmful factors, especially for insomnia, dreams, colds and other symptoms of low immunity. Improve the effect
  • Refreshing and anti-fatigue: The saponin Rg1 in wild ginseng can excite the central nervous system, enhance the excitement of the cerebral cortex, increase the oxygen uptake of the brain, and has a very obvious anti-fatigue effect. You will clearly feel that your physical condition is much better, and the feeling of powerlessness is reduced.
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels: Wild ginseng is often used clinically to prevent and treat diabetes. Ginsenosides, the active ingredients of wild ginseng, can accelerate the decomposition of glycogen and inhibit its synthesis, reducing the content of liver glycogen. At the same time, it can effectively increase the activity of glucokinase, thereby promoting the oxidative decomposition of glucose and reducing blood sugar.

使用方式 How to use

  • 将泡参片放入杯中,用沸水闷泡30分钟,可空腹饮用,饮完后加水再泡,最后将人参嚼碎吃下。
  • 也可以在煲汤或炖补品时加入泡参片,让功效加倍。
  • Put the American ginseng slices in a cup, soak them in boiling water for 30 minutes, and drink on an empty stomach. After drinking, add water to soak again, and finally chew the ginseng and eat it.
    You can also add American ginseng slices when making soups or stewing supplements to double the effect.

适合人士 Suitable for

小知识 Tips



Although American ginseng has the effect of clearing heat, it is not suitable for people with colds, coughs, and body heat.

This product is suitable for storing in a cool and dry place to avoid damp, mildew, or insects.

安全认证 Safety 

  • 无硫磺药材
  • 纯天然食材
  • 无添加色素
  • 无添加防腐剂
  • 无添加人工添加剂
  • 素食者可食用
  • Sulfur-free herbs
  • Sulfur free product
  • Pure natural herbs
  • No added coloring
  • No added preservatives
  • No artificial additives added
  • Edible for vegetarians

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