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抗酸盐 Antacid 35g
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Brand 顺康 Sung Khong
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  • 舒缓痛风,预防痛风
  • 减轻尿结晶状况
  • 促进尿酸排出
  • 防泌尿道感染
  • 消炎解毒
  • 防上火、退烧
  • 骨痛热症天敌
  • 平衡血小板
  • 中和胃酸
  • Adjunct treatment for gout
  • Reduce uric acid crystals
  • Promote uric acid excretion
  • Prevent urinary tract infection
  • Detox and reduce fever
  • Prevent dengue fever
  • Increase platelet count naturally
  • Neutralize stomach acid

产品特点 Features:

  • 小分子快速吸收
  • 原料来自美国
  • 符合食品级认证
  • 0% 防腐剂
  • 0% 人造色素
  • Fast absorption of small molecules
  • Product form the USA
  • FDA Approve
  • 0% preservative
  • 0% artificial color


适合用于 Suitable For:


Suffer from excessive internal heat, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, Urinary tract infection(UTI), Dengue fever, gout, High uric acid level, Crystals around joints, Swollen gums, Mouth ulcers, Bad breath, Constipation, Long-term fatigue, Meat eaters, Eating irregular food, Partial eclipse, Bad Those with eating habits.


成分 Ingredients:

Natural Antacid(HCO)


服用方法 How to take:

维持身体健康 = 每日2次,每次5g,加入250ml暖水(连续服用1周为1个疗程,事后停服3天,以此类推)

上火 = 晚上次,每次5g,加入250ml暖水(连续服用1月为1个疗程,事后停服1周,或依照医生的建议)

关节疼痛 、尿酸和泌尿患者 = 每日3次,每次5g,加入250ml暖水(连续服用1月为1个疗程,事后停服1周,或依照医生的建议)

蚊症患者 = 2小时1次,每次5g,加入250ml暖水(持续服用直到康复,分量可以依据康复程度逐渐减少或依照医生的建议)

Normal = 2 times per day, 5g per time, pour in 250ml warm water. (Stop taking it for 3 days afterwards)

Excessive Internal Heat = Per times at night, 5g per time, pour in 250ml warm water. 

Gout, Uric Acid Excretion & UTI patients = 3 times per day, 5g per time, pour in 250ml warm water. (Stop taking it for 1 week afterward or take it as recommended by your doctor.)

Dengue Fever Patients = Every 2 hours per time, 5g per time, pour in 250ml warm water. (Continue to take until recovery, the amount can be gradually reduced according to the degree of recovery or as recommended by the doctor)


切记注明 Precaution:

  1. 空腹服用效果更佳。
  2. 素食者可服用。
  3. 由于此产品是天然原料,颜色自然会依照天然原料而改变,如果介意请勿下单哦。
  1. The effect is better when taken on an empty stomach.
  2. Suitable for vegetarians.
  3. Since these product ingredients are natural raw materials, the color will naturally change according to the natural raw materials. If your mind, please do not place an order.
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