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经典款黑宝 Classic Black Meals(500g)
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Brand 顺康 Sung Khong
Size (L x W x H) 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 16 cm
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  • 改善贫血 - 增加身体红血球细胞。
  • 预防便秘 - 丰富膳食纤维,让你不绞痛的轻松排便。
  • 调理脾胃、胃风胃胀 - 改善肠胃功能,增强肠胃吸收。
  • 抗自由基 - 强抗氧化,清除体内自由基。
  • 促进母乳,孕期补血
  • 平衡肾上腺素分泌
  • 舒缓经痛 - 改善生理经痛和气血不足问题。
  • 增强新陈代谢 - 久坐、不运动也可以增强新陈代谢。
  • 乌发润发 - 保护毛发,预防早年白发、稀疏掉发。
  • 促进血液循环 - 对久坐上班族,黑眼圈等有改善的帮助。
  • Help red blood cell formation and regeneration - Improve Anemia, increase red blood cells.
  • Relieve gastric related problems and enhance its functionality.
  • Rich in dietary fiber prevention of constipation and bowel cancer - Regulate spleen and stomach, eliminate gastric distention.
  • Eliminate free radicals in the body - Remove free radicals, antioxidants.
  • Promote breast milk, enrich blood during pregnancy.
  • Balance Adrenaline.
  • Improve menstrual cramps
  • Promote metabolism even though lack of exercise
  • Reverse gray hair - Prevent premature grey hair, thin hair, and hair loss
  • Activate blood circulation which is beneficial to office workers and dark circles.

纯配方Black Meals黑宝采用高品质的有机黑米,以量子技术制成,能够让人体细胞快速吸收,渗透力强,溶解力强,更容易进入细胞内,把人体必需的营养等输送到细胞内,能更好地把营养进入体内,从而达到增强机体提高免疫力的效果。




Black Meals is made of premium natural black rice and Far Infrared which has rapid absorption of human cells due to strong penetration and excellent solubility. Therefore, the nutrients delivered directly into the human body which can enhance the immune system as well.

A cup a day, Black Meals relieves fatigue of adrenal glands, especially for those who have a weak spleen and gastric related problems. A drink of Black Meals, pale and bloodless will be eliminated within 5 days!


产品特点 Features:

  • 小分子快速吸收
  • 纯天然研磨
  • 0% 防腐剂
  • 0% 人造色素
  • 不含乳糖
  • 无精炼糖
  • Fast absorption of small molecules
  • Pure natural grinding
  • 0% preservative
  • 0% artificial color
  • Lactose-free
  • No refined sugar

适合用于 Suitable For:

  1. 健康者:促进人体代谢,补充蛋白质等营养成分
  2. 贫血者:制造红血细胞,减少头晕症状,有助补充气血
  3. 胃痛/肠胃消化不良:患者长期服用可帮助消化系统缓解症状,让肠胃部的症状得到良好的改善
  4. 孕妇/产妇/哺乳中的母亲:增加红血球细胞,促进母乳,孕期补血,舒缓孕期便秘问题
  5. 开始服用流质食物的婴儿:促进大脑的发育,增强记忆力,生长健康。
  6. 女性生理期不舒适:女性生理期时经痛都是每个月都会面临的困扰,服用后可保暖子宫,帮助舒缓不适
  7. 减肥瘦身/维持健康体重:作为每日代餐可降低体重和脂肪率,促进消化系统,从而达到瘦身效果
  8. 白发/掉发:成份内的何首乌有助于白发恢复乌黑,增强头发健康亮丽
  9. 失眠/睡眠不足:有助提高睡眠品质


  1. Healthy: Promote human metabolism, supplement protein and other nutrients.
  2. Anemia: Produce red blood cells, reduce dizziness symptoms, and help sufficient blood.

  3. Stomach pain, gastrointestinal dyspepsia: Long-term use of patients can help relieve symptoms of the digestive system and improve the symptoms of the gastrointestinal system.
  4. Pregnant/maternal/lactating mothers: increase red blood cells, promote breast milk, and replenish blood during pregnancy.
  5. Babies starting to take liquid food: promote brain development, enhance memory, and grow healthy.
  6. Women's menstrual period is uncomfortable: menstrual pain during menstrual period is a problem that women face every month. After taking it, it can keep the uterus warm and help relieve discomfort.
  7. Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight: As a daily meal replacement, it can reduce body weight and fat percentage, promote the digestive system, and achieve slimming effect.
  8. Gray hair/hair loss: Polygonum multiflorum in the ingredient helps to restore the blackness of gray hair and enhance the health and beauty of hair.
  9. Insomnia/lack of sleep: helps improve sleep quality.


成分 Ingredients:


Black Rice, Black Sesame, Black Glutinous Rice, Black Date, Black Mulberry, Black Bean, Polygonum, Brown Rice, Molasses.


服用方法 How to take:

平日 = 每日1-2次,每次3匙,加入250ml暖水
经期间/产前产后 = 每日2-3次,每次3匙,加入250ml暖水

Normal = 1-2 times per day, 3 spoons per time, pour in 250ml warm water.
Menstrual period/Confinement = 2-3 times per day, 3 spoons per time, pour in 250ml warm water.


切记注明 Precaution:

  1. 服用期间症状,如胃热,快饿,好睡眠属于正常现象请持续服用。
  2. 素食者可服用。
  3. 由于此产品是天然原料,颜色自然会依照天然原料而改变,纯属正常情况。
  4. 请存放在26℃ 以下的阴凉处,避免阳光直射与潮湿的地方。
  1. Symptoms during taking, such as stomach heat, hungry, good sleep is a normal phenomenon and lightly taking.
  2. Suitable for vegetarians.
  3. Since this product is a natural raw material, the color will naturally change according to the natural raw material, which is purely normal.
  4. Please store in a cool place below 26℃, avoid direct sunlight and humid places.


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