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顺康 Sung Khong
顺康 Sung Khong
顺康 Sung Khong



Sung Khong Traditional Chinese Herbal Store is an advocate and leader among many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in Perak. It is committed to being responsible for the health of themselves and their families, focusing on the quality of life, providing health, chronic disease management, prescription medicine, O2O One-stop health services such as services, care programs, etc.

From 1988 to 2020, the experience of retailing TCM products, Chinese Herbs, Herbal Tea, and supplements, Jelapang Industrial Park has its own branded production line, and the scale of the local branch in Perak has witnessed the development and achievements of the group. To promote natural health culture!

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  • 富含氨基酸、蛋白质及具有生物活性的“短链”蛋白质——肽类,更易被人体吸收利用
  • 提升脑活力:顺康鸡精含有独特活性胜肽,促进脑部活动效率,提高认知能力。

  • 抗疲劳:能提高人体新陈代谢率平均12%,最高达16%,从而快速有效得消除疲劳。

  • 提升免疫力:激活人体的免疫细胞,使人体长期保持在最佳的健康状态。

  • 缓解压力:促进血液中的皮质醇的分解代谢,降低皮质醇,缓解压力。

  • 补血:加强人体对铁质的吸收和利用,从而达到补充体内有效铁含量。

  • 促进母乳分泌:提高初乳中乳铁蛋白,表皮生长因子和转化生长因子-β2的含量。

  • 100% pure natural
  • Fine chicken essence
  • Rich in protein
  • Strengthen kidney
  • Improve human immune
  • Brain refreshing
  • Easy to absorb
  • Rich in amino acids