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JSY Birds Nest 菁思燕 冻干即食燕窝
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[特点 Features]

JSY Birds Nest 菁思燕燕窝, 以冻干技木处理“即泡即食” 只需泡一壶热水,倒入已经抽干水份的燕窝内,8分钟就可以食用。这种速食燕窝的吃法,比吃一个杯面来得更简单,符合生活忙碌爱健康,却无法花费谕2小时来炖煮燕窝的现代人。



JSY Birds Nest, processed with freeze-drying technology "instantly soaks and eats" Just soak a pot of hot water, pour it into the bird's nest that has been drained of water, and it can be eaten in 8 minutes. This kind of instant bird's nest is easier than eating a cup of noodles. It is suitable for modern people who are busy in life and love health but can't spend 2 hours stewing a bird's nest.

Low temperature drains away moisture from bird's nest
Freeze-drying is to freeze the bird’s nest that has been stewed and contains a lot of water in advance at minus 37 degrees to freeze it into a solid, and then directly sublimate the water vapor under vacuum conditions, and immediately carry out the drying process under the frozen condition. After the bird's nest is dried, only about 3% of the water is left, the volume does not change, but the nutritional value is still retained.

Free of preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances.

[成份 Ingredients]

红枣龙眼味 = 燕窝、红枣、泡参、枸杞、冰糖

Pandan味 = 燕窝、冰糖、Pandan

Red Date Longan Flavor = Bird’s Nest, Red Dates, American Ginseng, Goji Berry, Rock Sugar

Pandan flavor = Bird's nest, rock sugar, pandan


[服用方法 Instruction]


Heat water, wait 8 minutes, and serve.


[储存方式 Storage]


No refrigeration required

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2 reviews
What's in the box

1 box = 2 Red Date Longan Flavor, 2 Pandan flavor, 2 spoons

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