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顺康坐月调补汤 Sung Khong Postnatal soup (Confinement)
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Brand 顺康 Sung Khong
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  • 中医师独门坐月调补配方
  • 好喝易入口
  • 独立包装
  • 内附详细服用指示
  • 药材新鲜
  • 补汤顺口甘甜,是年轻妈妈喜爱的口味
  • 药膳味浓甘香,是年轻妈妈能接受的味道
  • 排出恶露
  • 祛风消肿
  • 修复子宫
  • 大补元气
  • 增强腰腿
  • 增乳通乳
  • TCM Formula
  • Individual package
  • Delicious and easy to eat
  • Fresh herbs
  • With detailed instructions
  • Expel dampness for relieving edema
  • Elimination of lochia
  • Uterine contraction
  • Strengthen kidneys
  • Reinforce vital energy
  • Activate blood circulation

产品介绍 Intro


顺康坐月配套主要根据产后不同阶段,拟定了坐月期间调理的专业汤剂,不重叠的汤,让妈妈们喝的开心也喝的健康。每星期不同调理,先清排恶露,利水消肿兼复缩子宫,后就大补气血, 养血祛风, 补益腰腿, 大补元气,增乳通乳。

Confinement refers to the maternal postpartum with a month or more time to recuperate. From the sociological and medical point of view, "confinement" is to help mothers through the physiological and psychological transition of the critical period.

Sung Khong Confinement Set 28 according to different stages of postpartum. Each week different conditioning, the first clear row of lochia, water swelling and contraction of the uterus, nourishing expelling wind, tonic waist and legs, boost breast milk.

使用方式 How to use

补汤 = 把材料洗干净,准备1lite - 1.5lite水,加入材料,肉类大火煮10分钟,转至小火2-3小时

药膳 = 把材料洗干净,准备1lite水,加入材料大火煮5分钟,转至小火55分钟

建议:生产后第一天就可以马上喝,一天一包,炖至1-2小时,当天饮用。[煲汤时可以额外加上红枣, 肉类让汤更加香甜]

老母鸡 - 耐炖,但吃起来口感不佳
猪肉老虎骨(颈骨) - 特征多肉,耐炖,肉质滑溜
猪肉盘骨(猪尾骨) - 特征营养价值高,重骨胶原,耐炖
猪肉猪手肌肉(猪手内肌肉) - 特征筋占大部分,少骨,筋滑肉甜
猪肉BB肌肉(圆蹄骨内肌肉)- 特征易吞食,肉嫩滑,软嫩无筋


Herb Soup = Wash the raw material before stew, and prepare 1lite-1.5lite water, add the raw material, and meat, turn on high heat for 10 minutes, then turn to low heat for 2-3 hours.

Medicinal Soup = Wash the raw material before stew, and prepare 1lite water, add the raw material, and meat, turn on high heat for 5 minutes, then turn to low heat for 55 minutes.

Suggestion: Drink it on the first day after giving birth.  Add some red dates or meat to the soup will make the soup more delicious. Water volume can be adjusted according to personal taste.

Meat recommendations:
Old hen = Stew resistant but tastes rough
Pork Tiger Bone (Neck Bone) = Features succulent, stew-resistant, and smooth meat
Pork dish bone (pig tail bone) = Features high nutritional value, heavy collagen, resistant to stew
Pork trotter muscles (inner trotter muscles) = The characteristic tendons account for most, fewer bones, sweet muscles
Pork BB muscle (muscle inside the round hoof bone) = Features easy to swallow, tender and smooth meat, tender and gluten-free

适合人士 Suitable for


This formula is suitable for women after childbirth (caesarean section/natural birth), Abortion

小知识 Tips


Since these product ingredients are natural raw materials, the color will naturally change according to the natural raw materials. If you mind, please do not place an order.

  1. 月子期间须持续每天喝
  2. 推荐炖汤方式炖煮
  3. 如有阿胶需要等最后要喝时才放下去,不宜煮太久
  4. 建议减少盐的份量
  5. 喝前注意撇去上面浮油
  6. 药材不宜浸泡,洗干净即可
  7. 肉类洗干净后,可以和药材一起放入炖煮
  8. Must continue to drink every day during confinement
  9. Recommended stewing soup
  10. If you have donkey-hide gelatin, you need to wait until the last time to drink it. Don’t cook it for too long.
  11. It is recommended to reduce the amount of salt
  12. Be careful to skim off the oil slick before drinking
  13. Medicinal materials should not be soaked, just wash it off
  14. After the meat is cleaned, it can be stewed with the herbs

安全认证 Safety 

  1. 纯天然原料
  2. 不含人造色素
  3. Pure natural
  4. No artificial color

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10 reviews
What's in the box

1 box = Postnatal soup x 28 pack

成分 Ingredients:


Confinement package trusted by thousands of mothers who have 30 years of experience in Chinese medicine practitioners. According to the different stages of the postpartum period, Chinese physicians have formulated professional decoctions for conditioning during the confinement period. For 28 days, different medicated diet tonic soups are provided every day to provide various nourishing effects, help postpartum recovery, and increase breast milk.