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《顺康 》 中药补品连锁店的宗旨致力于对人们的健康负责、注重生活品质的人群,提供健康、慢病管理,处方开药、020服务、照顾方案等一站式健康服务。

从1988到至今的,药材补品零售经验,在2012九洞工业区拥有自身品牌的生产线, 与怡保多家分店的规模见证了公司的发展与成绩。顺康中药补品连锁店充分利用互联网+模式,致力于推广自然养生文化!

今天我们通过零售店, 面子书以及电子商店提供产品和服务, 把中药融入主流的现代生活模式中, 以”楽在健康”带出顺康 新面貌. 公司主要售卖无磺药材,海味补品,中药保健品,健康食品,坐月配套,凉茶,凉茶粉等等。。。

Sung Khong is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Store in Malaysia. We are committed to providing one-stop health services such as health, chronic disease management, prescription prescribing, O2O services, and care programs to people who are responsible for their own and their families' health and quality of life. We are mainly sale sulfur-free herbs, marine food, TCM supplements, healthy food, confinement soup, herbal tea, herb's tea powder, etc.

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顺康 Sung Khong
31 Jalan S.A. Lingam Ipoh Garden South 31400 Ipoh Perak Malaysia
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