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抗酸盐(只限外用)SK ANTACID External Use (300G)
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  • 皮肤消炎
  • 美白洁肤
  • 可当磨砂用途
  • 去除角质
  • 舒缓皮肤敏感
  • 可淡斑(需配合蜜糖使用)
  • 洁白牙齿



  • 沐浴时,把适量的抗酸盐混合在沐浴露里并在身上涂抹,当作磨砂使用。
  • 在牙膏上加入少许抗酸盐并刷牙,可以让牙齿美白光滑。
  • 把蜂蜜和抗酸盐混合在一起敷在脸上当面膜,可以让脸部美白淡斑。
  • 在发炎的皮肤上或口腔里的白点敷上少许的抗酸盐可帮助伤口消炎。


包装注明: 1 Pack = 300g


Anti-acid salt, the chemical formula is NaHCO3. Contains weak alkaline, medically external use can be disinfected and sterilized, orally taken can neutralize the acid-base balance in the human body and change the acidic physique. It can be decomposed naturally, is non-toxic, does not pollute the environment, and has low irritation and does not irritate the skin.

The effect of topical antacid:

  • Skin anti-inflammatory
  • Whitening and cleansing
  • Can be used as frosting
  • Exfoliating
  • Soothes sensitive skin
  • Can lighten spots (need to be used with honey)
  • White teeth


  1. When bathing, mix an appropriate amount of antacid in the shower gel and apply it on the body as a scrub.
  2. Add a little antacid on the toothpaste and brush your teeth to whiten and smooth your teeth.
  3. Mix honey and antacids and apply it on the face as a mask to whiten and lighten spots on the face.
  4. A small amount of antacid on the inflamed skin or white spots in the mouth can help reduce inflammation.

Packing note: 1 Pack = 300g

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