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YOMEISHU 养命酒 YOMEISHU Medicinal Herbal Preparation (1000ml)
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产品介绍 Intro

1 针对肉体疲劳:对于因身体乏力,疲劳难除而烦恼的朋友,养命酒作为滋养强壮剂能够增强您的体力,缓解您的疲劳。

2 手,指尖,腰腿发冷:对于因空调冷房而使腰腿,手脚发冷难受的朋友,养命酒所含药材的药效成份能够通过血液循环渗透至全身各部,帮您调整全身代谢机能,改善发冷症状。

3 饭后肠胃持续不适:对于消化器官衰弱,肠胃状态不佳,肠胃有衰弱迹象的朋友,在食前饮用养命酒,能够帮您调整衰弱的肠胃活动,使肠胃变得强壮。

4 对于病中、病后的体力恢复:对于病中病后想增强体力的朋友,病后身体恢复缓慢的朋友,养命酒的药效成份能够调整身体的基本活动,帮您回到本来的健康状态。

5 对于食欲不振:对于没有食欲,或是想吃而又吃不下的朋友,在食前饮用养命酒,养命酒的药效成份能够激活肠胃活动,帮您恢复正常的食欲。

6 对于容易疲劳及虚弱体质:对于感觉体弱,体力不足的朋友,养命酒作为具有温和作用的滋养强壮剂,能使您的身体变得强壮,缓解您的肉体疲劳,逐步恢复您的体力。

7 一直气色不佳:对于因积劳成疾,指尖发冷,气色不佳而烦恼的朋友,养命酒所含药材的药效成份能够通过血液循环渗透至全身各部,帮您激活新陈代谢,改善气色不佳。

1 For physical fatigue: For those who are troubled by physical weakness and fatigue, Yomeishu can enhance your physical strength and relieve your fatigue as a nourishing and strengthening agent.
2 Chills in hands, fingertips, waist and legs: For those who suffer from chills in the waist, legs, hands and feet due to the air-conditioning cold room, the medicinal ingredients contained in Yomeishu can penetrate into all parts of the body through blood circulation, helping you adjust the whole body Metabolic function, improve cold symptoms.
3 Persistent gastrointestinal discomfort after meals: For those who have weak digestive organs, poor gastrointestinal status, and signs of gastrointestinal weakness, drinking Yomeishu before eating can help you adjust the weak gastrointestinal activities and make the stomach stronger.
4. For physical recovery during and after illness: For those who want to strengthen their physical strength after illness, and those whose body recovers slowly after illness, the medicinal ingredients of Yomeishu can adjust the basic activities of the body and help you return to your original state. health status.
5. For loss of appetite: For those who have no appetite, or who want to eat but can't eat, drink Yomeishu before eating. The medicinal ingredients of Yomeishu can activate gastrointestinal activities and help you restore normal appetite.

6 For those who are easily fatigued and weak: For those who feel weak and lack physical strength, Yomeishu, as a nourishing and strengthening agent with a mild effect, can make your body strong, relieve your physical fatigue, and gradually restore your physical strength .
7. Always looking bad: For those who are troubled by overwork, cold fingertips, and poor complexion, the medicinal ingredients contained in Yomeishu can penetrate into all parts of the body through blood circulation, helping you activate metabolism and improve Bad breath.

使用方式 How to use

养命酒饮用方式是在餐前或就睡前,分3次,每次饮用20毫升(20mL). 由于养命酒是滋养补酒,与一般的治疗药不同,可以不一定太严密地遵守饮用量和次数。 请根据饮用时的身体状态酌量增减。

The way to drink Yomeishu is to drink 20ml (20mL) of 3 times before meals or just before going to bed. Since Yomeishu is a nourishing tonic, it is different from general medicines, so it is not necessary to strictly follow it. Amount and frequency of drinking. Please increase or decrease according to your physical state when drinking.

适合人士 Suitable for

小知识 Tips


This product contains 14% alcohol, pregnant women should not drink it. If you need to drink, please ask your doctor first.

安全认证 Safety

  • 纯中药材酿造而成
  • 含14度酒精
  • 小孩孕妇不宜饮用
  • 无添加防腐剂
  • 无添加色素
  • 酒精过敏者不宜饮用
  • Brewed from pure Chinese medicinal materials
  • Contains 14% alcohol
  • Pregnant women should not drink
  • No added preservatives
  • No added coloring
  • People allergic to alcohol should not drink

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